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Welcome to Seafood Packaging Inc.

Complete Packaging Products for the Seafood Industry

Seafood Packaging Inc., responds to the unique needs of the seafood industry. We have carefully selected the best packaging supplies available and assembled them under one roof to meet your shipping needs on time. All of our products are selected for durability and quality construction. The items listed in our catalogue have been proven over the years by our customers. we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to solve shipping problems and to meet specific shipping needs.Custom design and custom printing are also available.


Seafood Packaging is proud of its reputation for on-time delivery and responsiveness to our customers. Our customers like the fact that we are available when they need us, not just "regular office hours". Ordering is easy...just pick up the phone. Seafood Packaging is located near major highway arteries, close to rail lines and adjacent to the port. We can get your order to you quickly by truck, rail, ship or air.


When ordering, please use the convenient ordering list and Product Codes in our catalogue. If you have questions, please call. Our personnel have many years experience in the packaging of perishable commodities. We can help recommend the best packaging for your needs.

  • Credit Terms:
    All sales are cash except for those accounts which have an approved line of credit with Seafood Packaging, Inc. Wire transferred funds accepted

  • To open an Account:
    Complete our credit information form which requieres three current suppliers and your bank reference. This request will be processed rapidly upon its return.

  • Wire Transfers:
    Our sales person will give you the exact dollar amount to be transferred to our account. When these funds are available to us your order will be inmediately shipped.