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Gulf Coast Seafood


With a reputation for great times and premium American seafood, the legacy of the country’s great seafood belongs to the GulfCoast.

Comprised of five states, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, Gulf Coast Seafood has been providing fishermen, grocers, chefs, foodies, and many others with not only great food and memorable times, but also an economic engine that powers the entire region. High in demand, the GulfCoast produces 70 percent of the nation’s oysters, 69 percent of domestic shrimp, and is a leading producer of domestic hard and soft-shell blue crabs. And as pioneers in many commercial fishing practices, Gulf Coast Seafood’s taste profile is superior because of the nutrient-rich environment found in the Gulf.

The Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition (Coalition) was formed by The Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. as a result of a grant from the
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) (NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481). Representing all components of the seafood distribution chain, including commercial fishermen, processors, wholesalers, associations, sea grants, tourism boards, restaurants, retailers, chefs and charter boat sectors, the Coalition has been established to coordinate all efforts and provide a cohesive vision and overarching strategy to showcase Gulf Coast Seafood. Strategies will focus on expanding global market share for wild seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.


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